In the cellar vaults of an ancient building located in the west of Munich we distill gin still following the most traditional method

Producing a first class gin begins with choosing the best alcohol as basis and flavouring it with purely natural fruits and spices. This is however not all it takes for offering the world an exqusite distillate. Almost one year and a lot of patience were neccessary to find the perfect composition of the 17 botanicals. Once you have had the chance to experience Feel! Gin’s memorably delicious taste you will certainly agree with us that every single minute of the research and trial year was worth it.

We carefully sort and pick all ingredients by hand to ensure that only the finest fruits and spices find their way into the copper pot. Prior to the distillation all 17 organic ingredients are added to the likewise organic alcohol. This process is called maceration and lasts for three days.

Feel! Gin - 100% Bio - 100% Vegan

Gin made of organic ingredients only – because you deserve the very best!

Gin aus biologischen Zutaten

Most people are not aware what the concept „organic“ really means. In this chapter we will try to explain it short and simple, hoping that by the end of it you will understand why we care so much about the origin of the components Feel! Gin is made of.

Controlled organic cultivation only represents 5 % of the overall organic activity. Using organic ingredients means that there are no components with unknown origins. Furthermore everything that is labelled with the official organic logo(gram) is free from genetic engineering and chemicals.

At Feel! Munich Dry Gin we know exactly where every single ingredient we use comes from. Processing fruits and spices, which were grown without being exposed to insecticides or other harmful substances is the reason why has its extraordinary mild taste. The use of organic products is also fundamental fort he clearly defined aroma / flavour of our gin.

Unfortunately more than 95 % of our foods contain chemical insecticides and artificial fertilisers. The consequential damages fort he human body and our environment are yet largely unknown. This is why Feel! Gin has decided to acquire all its ingredients from local providers – as far as it is possible – or from our neighbouring countries. Thus, we ensure a maximum transparency of origin and only the purest quality. Furthermore naturally grown fruits distinguish themselves by a much more intensive flavour.

Prices of organic foods are higher than those of conventional products, but what is better than indulging your body with the healthiest nutrition option available?

When creating Feel! Munich Dry Gin we wanted to make sure our consumers know that this is an honest product. The official organic certificate demonstrates that we care about transparency and regular quality controls. For us following an organic philosophy (in our production process) means contributing to the environmental sustainability and thus to the future of all of us.

17 Botanicals – A delight for all your senses

Once it has fully evolved, Feel! Gin initially unfolds the typical juniper aroma on the palate followed by fine fruity notes derived from blueberries, Aronia, elderflower. Subsequently the charming spice of coriander flames up, which is then gently absorbed by a floral essence of lavender. The perfectly proportioned botanicals finish with a clearly defined, fresh lime flavour and an unexpected mildness.

This mildness is especially appreciated by women and certainly one of the reasons why Feel! Gin is one of the very few spirits, which is valued and enjoyed equally by both males and females.

For attaining this smooth silky-texture we go the extra mile by gently and slowly distillating the macerate multiple times in order to preserve maximum flavour.

Alcohol 47% vol.

moderner Destillationsanlage in Großhadern, München

Feel! Munich Dry Gin – 100 % handmade

Feel! Tonic

A gin that is truly made in Munich certainly incorporates that it is only enriched by the city’s renowned naturally pure drinking water. Munich’s water supply comes directly from the Bavarian alpine uplands and is being praised regularly for its outstanding quality. But before Feel! Gin can be reduced to its ideal drinking strength of 47 % vol it undergoes a mellow, aroma preserving filtration process. The renunciation of using protein filters for this procedure allows us to officially declare Feel! Munich Dry Gin as being a vegan product. Vegan is the term given to products which contain no animal components. Thus, with Feel! Gin you can rest assured that no animals were harmed in its production. Set aside the alcohol content, it is a truly guilt-free pleasure!

The same diligence we apply to the inside of the bottle, we give to its exterior. Every bottle is being polished, sealed and packaged by hand. For us this is just as much part of the premium quality we offer as is the use of only the best organic ingredients. Uniqueness does not need large quantities, which is why, Feel! is only available in carefully selected Restaurants, Bars and delicatessen shops.

For our small company Feel! Munich Dry Gin is a matter of heart and thus we sincerely hope that it gives you and your tastebuds just as much pleasure and joy as it gives to us.

Your Korbinian Achternbusch & Team


Feel! Munich Dry Gin: Alcohol 47% vol.